[News]  Notice: Removal of 2nd password reset online function.
Notice: Removal of 2nd password reset online function.
Due to the recent frequent complaint of players about the hack,
scam of game account, we decide to remove the function of
2nd password reset online to ensure the safety of the players account.
For Buy or Sell Account:
If transaction is not through our agent,
babyran shall not entertain the argument or
problem maybe incurred since it is your own will to take the risk.
Babyran requires you put on records at our agent to avoid
any unfaithful act of any party and ensure the transaction successful.
The only authorized agent by babyran for record is:
or our livechat(no more others agent):

Steps as following:
1. The buyer shall inform our agent if plan to buy an account,
and the seller shall also at the same time come to confirm
the said transaction. Account, amount, and mode of payment
shall be confirmed by both parties,
and submit to our agent together with the scan personal ID of the buyer and seller.
the seller must be show the last 3 deposit details to agent
for approve he is the owner of the account.
2. Our agent will record it as back up file and temporarily ban the account.
3. The buyer may then process the payment to seller,
and at the same time settle the payment for the 2nd password and registered email change.
(Charge 1000EP for change both registered email and 2nd password and password)
After that, the buyer shall scan the receipts of the payment and send to us.
Take note: Email is only allowed to change in this mentioned transaction.
4. After confirmation of the payment with seller,
our agent will then activate the account and change all the information
(register email, 2nd password and password) as per buyer required immediately.
Transactions will then be complete.
Note: the buyer and seller may also do their transaction at your own risk.
Babyran will not handle any case or complaints in the buy & sell transaction
which is not following the above steps.

Warm Reminding:
Do not tell anyone your registered email and second (friends or pilots Etc.) Babyran
Company will not relate to these personal
tractions if buy an account with incomplete information.
Play at your own effort to enjoy more fun.
Short cut is not advised.

Thank you for support BabyRan!