[News]  Fly wing released, reduce error setting for bamboo forest
(1) Extra freebie: While toppe up once 5000 epoints
you will get one Fly wing (7D) (11 Styles Randomly)
HP+1000,Melee+10,Missile+10,Energy+10,Move Speed+15.
10000 epoints will get two...20000 epoints will get four......
(2) Modify the appearance of the bamboo forest map to the CDM map to avoid C++ errors.
Monster refresh rates, item drops, and all other settings remain unchanged.
(3) The attendance 3 days gift changed to EP lotto box *3. 
The gifts for other days have not changed.
(4) Optimized the memory usage of the game to reduce LAG and C++errors.
(5) The countdown time for delete char was modified from 9 seconds to 3 seconds.

New wings list:
Super Eagle Wing [Red][Fly][7D] Super Eagle Wing [White][Fly][7D] Super Eagle Wing [Black][Fly][7D]
Thor Wing [White][Fly][7D] Thor Wing [Black][Fly][7D] Dragon Skeleton Wing [Fly][7D]
Nine Tails Wing [Fly][7D] Rainbow Butterfly Wing [Fly][7D] Butterfly Wing [Red][Fly][7D]
Butterfly Wing [Yellow][Fly][7D] Butterfly Wing [Blue][Fly][7D]

This patch is for full ver 0128- 0151 that cannot be automatically updated:

Patch Date Mirror
Version 0152 2023.11.1 Mirror1
Version 0152 2023.11.1 Mirror2
Version 0152 2023.11.1 Mirror3
Version 0152 2023.11.1 Mirror4
Version 0152 2023.11.1 Mirror5
Version 0152 2023.11.1 Mirror6
Version 0152 2023.11.1 Mirror7
Version 0152 2023.11.1 Mirror8

Solution for Launcher game get Error Number : 2 or 5, please check this news:

Patch for: Contact event was not occured, please check this news: