[News]  v7.21 released, Big promotion! Point Tickets drop in game!

1. Fix the gunner skill “Virus Infection”.

2. Change the Assassin skill book name “xxx“ to “Assassin of xxx“.

3. Change “Name Change Card” to “Name Change Card [30 Minutes]” to fix the bug.

4. Item mall add “Name Change Card [30 Minutes] Box”, you can use the card in 30 minutes after you open the box.

5. We sent the new “Name Change Card [30 Minutes] Box” to your game bank which “Name Change Card“ bought from web mall and after 2013, All “Name Change Card” bought from game player will disappear,sorry for that.

6. CW stop to drop Dark 3D series weapon, Now is Point C ticket.

7. Point A and B ticket drop in all maps.

8. Point C drop in CW and drop from Ichigo and Iron man.

9. You can exchange the Point A\B\C tickets to EP via web function: Earn point3.